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"Theater feels more organic, there’s no stop and go. Film is a whole different animal."

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Me: Do a really mean Bucky-as-Winter-Soldier face.

Sebastian: Noooo…. ‘Cause you’re gonna post it, aren’t you? — Okay, I will. Hold on. Ready?

The Lion and The Rose (x)

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Take the scene last season where Ygritte scales The Wall only to have her axe loosen, cascading ice and causing her to drop until she’s saved from certain death only by a thin rope. “To shoot that I had to be dropped from 45 feet up to a mat at the bottom,” she explains. “I was having so much fun, I was going, ‘Wheeee!,’ every time I was dropped so we had to do it several takes just because the director wasn’t getting the shot that he wanted”.

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Jon Snow, kissed by fire.

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